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Vince Ray and The Boneshakers – Zombie Radio (2008)
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Author:  tech66 [ 09 Jul 2010, 13:39 ]
Post subject:  Vince Ray and The Boneshakers – Zombie Radio (2008)

Artist: Vince Ray and The Boneshakers
Album: Zombie Radio
Year: 2008
Genre: Punkabilly/Psychobilly

Psychobilly at 6AM is like a swift kick to the cojones. I frickin’ love music. I really love music that invokes an attitude within myself like Rockabilly/Punkabilly/Psychobilly does. I love the simple lyrics, the twangy guitars and the one-two beat, it’s head-boppin music. In my quest for that perfect Punkabilly sound I am very picky about the vocals. The singer can’t sound like Elvis, or the Misfits, it can’t be to country or too hokey. Then while browsing eMusic I hit the motherload. I found a Punkabilly band that has that perfect sound I’ve been looking for which can in the form of artis/musician Vince Ray.
Vince Ray has several musical project under his belt in the form of: Vince Ray and The Boneshakers, The Vincent Razorbacks and just Vince Ray. When the lead singer/guitarist is the same guy in each band it safe to say the sound is the same just the band name has changed. This master of the arts is from the UK and he creates music that is a perfect soundtrack to his art work. Check out is site and gallery while listening to this album and you’ll see what I mean.


Author:  skoum [ 12 Jul 2010, 08:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Vince Ray and The Boneshakers – Zombie Radio (2008)

The RAR Archive is empty !

Author:  tech66 [ 12 Jul 2010, 10:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Vince Ray and The Boneshakers – Zombie Radio (2008)

I just downloaded the ZIP (not RAR) and checked it; all the files are in there.

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