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[A2P Presents] Dungeon Elite [**] - Make Love Not Warcraft
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Author:  Alternative [ 13 Nov 2009, 06:29 ]
Post subject:  [A2P Presents] Dungeon Elite [**] - Make Love Not Warcraft


01. Insert Coin
02. I've To Do Lvl 23 Before Server Crush Down
03. Stay Together For The Pics
04. GG
05. This Is A Cover Of The Darkest Night
06. Continue... 10 9 8 7
07. Put Your Hands Up For Yourself
08. I Dunno If This Song Will Be Called PvP Or TvB
09. Terren Mill Is Under Attack
10) Elite N.10
11) Game Over
12) Mission Complete (Outro)

Grupo/Band: Dungeon Elite [**]
Album: Make Love Not Warcraft
Año/Release year: 2007
Género/Genre: Emotronic/NintendoCore/Happy GrindCore
Calidad/Quality: 128kbit
Link myspace:
Link de descarga/Download here:

Link de descarga/Download here:

Link de descarga/Download here: Upload.Im
Pass: http://www.alternative2punk.com

País/Country: Italy - Novara/Rome
Compañia discográfica/Label: None
Si te gustan/If you like: Karate High School.

Well, starting the "A2P Presents", here we have Dungeon Elite [**], a italian band who wanted my web to upload their music. They are on a side of music that you don't hear very often, I was surprised with Karate High School and now DE comes to make nintendocore and emotronic known, at least for me, hope you like it.

Thx to Noise for reuploading the album.

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