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Author:  New_Uploads [ 29 Apr 2010, 04:30 ]
Post subject:  GRAVEBOUND


Brutally sinister downtuned and downtrodden hardcore from Tennessee. The bass sounds like OTTAWA (it is not often that I hear that destroyed and distorted bass tone replicated), but the approach is total CROSSED OUT melded into moments of southern sludge/doom. These songs will make you want to hurt the people that hurt people, fucking awesome. DROP DEAD cover? Oh yeah, they nail it.


There's too much chaos and shitsystem to accurately divide this up, so here are the ten tracks that will crush you over the next 10 minutes and 23 seconds:

01. Wages
02. Self Destruct
03. Eucharist
04. Red Smile
05. Snuffed Out
06. Crawling
07. Bridgeburner
08. Submit
09. Drug Mule
10. Washed Away (DROP DEAD)

Published on 2010-4-28 10:49am GMT

Source / Link : http://terminalescape.blogspot.com/2010/04/gravebound.html

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