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The Undead - Rock & Roll whore
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Author:  New_Uploads [ 18 Jun 2010, 08:42 ]
Post subject:  The Undead - Rock & Roll whore


The title song of this 7" was one of my punk rock favorites shortly after I had give this one the first spin on my turntable. I really love the Undead and their records, at least the few that I can call my own. The first 3 tracks where recorded on the 8th August 2000 in Knoxville, TN and "Verbal abuse" was recorded live. All four songs are pure punk rock amp; roll and really kicks ass in my view but don't trust me and give yourself a listen.

Record Label: Munster Records
Original release date: 2000
Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Punk Rock
Speed: 45 rpm
Vinyl colour: Black

01. Rock amp; Roll whore
02. I don't want to feel the pain anymore
03. I want you dead
04. Verbal abuse


Published on 2010-6-16 10:26pm GMT

Source / Link : http://vinylpunk.blogspot.com/2010/06/undead-rock-roll-whore.html

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