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Author:  New_Uploads [ 11 Jul 2010, 22:20 ]


My buddy and bandmate Dathan joined this band when I still lived in Milwaukee. ARCHITECTS were suburban hessians that seemed to have no connection whatsoever with our relatively city based punk scene, and watching Dathan jam with these dudes was equal parts fun and social fascination. I saw them a couple of times, and it was pretty good, but I got this tape that was recorded for their recent Midwest tour, and eat my balls if ARCHITECTS OF THE AFTERMATH didn't turn into a thrash metal monster in the two years since I moved away. Guitar riffing that worships at the altar of early METALLICA and the speed metal end of the Metal Blade Records spectrum fits perfectly with the non stop double kick attack and vocals that are frighteningly powerful (like how you know Phil Anselmo is capable of being a bad ass singer but he just insists on ruining it by being a cornball? well this dude is all the fury and none of the cheese), and it makes for a tape that sounds old but totally new as well. The shit sounds hugenbsp;when played at proper volume (and not on fucking computer speakers, you dimwit - play this shit in your Monte Carlo, where Heavy Metal always sounds better), and though it's not my typical brand of musical stylings, I've been jamming this thing on steady since in came in the mail. Tuck into some ARCHITECTS.



The band is on a little hiatus, while Dathan is in Panama studying ways to save the world's ecosystem or some shit. I find this behavior to be quite non-metal, but nonetheless the view from his bedroom (photo above, in case you couldn't figure out why the tropical island scene was attached to the heavy metal download) seems pretty bad ass. Other things that are bad ass include the song "I Can Kill Gods," which is officially my Jam Of The Day. Even though I initially scoffed at the excessive Chug on E that closes Side A of this demo, it did not take long for me to climb onboard the horse headed to thrash metal heaven.nbsp;

Published on 2010-7-11 2:38pm GMT

Source / Link : http://terminalescape.blogspot.com/2010/07/architects-of-aftermath.html

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