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BOXHAMSTERS - Wir Kinder Aus Bullerbü LP 1988
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Author:  New_Uploads [ 27 Apr 2013, 01:56 ]
Post subject:  BOXHAMSTERS - Wir Kinder Aus Bullerbü LP 1988


An album that accompanied me since its appearance is the debut record from the [URL=http://www.boxhamsters.net/]Boxhamsters[/URL], released 1988 on the band's own label Bad Moon Records. No idea why but for some time this LP always buzzing around in my head, so I search for it and ripped it now. And while listening to all the wonderful memories come back, the gig here in KOZ, the wild ride to Darmstadt/Oettinger Villa, where they played with [URL=http://www.ea80.net/index2.php]EA80[/URL] and I remember I was sittin' in the backstage room and eat all the delicious salmon sandwiches and talked with the Mönchengladbach guys. Oh yes, those were the good times! Today I'm no longer very mobile because I have a job who calls me and my driving license is in Flensburg on vacation. But back to the album. With their debut, the Boxhamsters have delivered a masterpiece of German punk rock, at that time D-punk was somehow asleep and there was not much new or interesting. With their schrammel bumpy sound and brilliant personel lyrics, which are far from heroic or flat, they managed the leap to the forefront and most of the songs still belong in their live repertoire. No wonder why, songs like "In Dieser Zeit", "Verwirrt", "WoStehtDieUhr" and the best Punk instrumental what I know "Calzone Und Seine Killer" still sound fresh and not antiquated. - In 1991, singer Co, Drummer Ulf and Junge from EA80 fromed the side project [URL=http://www.ea80.net/index2.php]Die Böse Hand[/URL] and they released several singles with mostly cover versions and a CD with all previous publications (next here in this Blog). So enjoy this great album with twelve punk tracks from Gießen's finest.


Published on 2013-4-25 3:04pm GMT

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