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Allergic To Whores - Shadows In The Killing Fields
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Author:  Robot [ 14 Nov 2009, 09:18 ]
Post subject:  Allergic To Whores - Shadows In The Killing Fields

Absolutely mind blowing 22 HC thrash anthems that have all the essential elements; speed, amazing vocals, a sense of melody, and great choruses. This would be a perfect fit in Boston back in the day tearing it up with GANG GREEN then heading to Philly to thrash it up with FLAG OF DEMOCRACY. This is fucking energetic HC. A.T.W. pushes the envelope with high powered songs with enough fucking energy to keep California lit. Sound Pollution was absolutely floored when the recording arrived. -
art of the underground-

01 Rituals
02 Not tonight
03 Exit
04 Intelligence
05 Isolated
06 Dont tell me
07 Sacred ground
08 Song
09 Defuse
10 Fashion state
11 10000
12 On the take
13 Start to finish again
14 In one ear and out the other
15 Ripped up ripped off torn down
16 Minor extinction
17 Elapse
18 Choking again
19 Factory life
20 Dead skin invasion
21 Rehash
22 Shut up

password: Shpadoinkle_Punk
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