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The Kids of Widney High - Let's Get Busy
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Author:  Robot [ 11 Nov 2009, 04:11 ]
Post subject:  The Kids of Widney High - Let's Get Busy

There's a good chance I'm going to Hell, and my love of Let's Get Busy will probably be the deciding factor.
The Kids of Widney High are just that, your average everyday american teenager...with down syndrome. Yeah!
Started as a project to encourage the children in artistic avenues, the teachers of Widney High established a music class where they would write music and have the kids write and sing lyrics, the results were impressive. From this freeing act of art, the kids developed more self-esteem and found a way to speak what was on their mind in a direct approach. Soon musicians from around the area began to notice (Jackson Browne & Mike Patton of Faith No More most notably) and invited the Kids to open concerts, bringing their art to an even larger medium.
In 1999, Mike Patton, having started a new label, signed the Kids up to record a new record with the proceeds to benefit the High School. The results were incredible.
I was working at Sam Goody when this album debuted and made a point to special order it. When it finally arrived in shipment, i pleaded with the bossman to let me throw it on the instore play. Having been a special education teacher himself, he found some positivity within my tirade of "it's a retarded children's choir!", and agreed.
For the next forty-five minutes my productivity was at a standstill as i convulsed with laughter, nearly pissing my pants, while these children sang songs such as "Every Girl Is My Girlfriend", "Pretty Girls" (a song Brian and I would cover in our joke improv hardcore band, Sweatband (Sweat Life 4 Life!)), and "Cowboy Brown" where young Carl Brown informs "I need a walker to help me walk everywhere i go, but when i close my eyes i can dream of the rodeo...". The token "rap" song "Facts About Life" tells a rather harrowing story of video games and tying your shoes, coming out of left field with lines like "Mom tells me don't do this don't do that, please don't hit me with baseball bat." But it's not all good times and gumdrops, a rather heartfelt rendition of Aretha Franklin's "Respect" gives an entirely new meaning to the song and the last track "Help Me to Find My Way" that is particularly gut-wrenching. the whole class singing in chorus "won't you please help me to find my way." it's haunting on many levels, because you know they mean it.
After that i managed to convince enough co-workers into special ordering it, creating such a demand for Let's Get Busy that it became a part of our actual stock,sharing it's rightful place in the annals of rock history alongside Kiss.


pretty girls!
mike patton on the kids...

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