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Maurice's Little Bastards/The Pantophobics - Rock 'N' Roll W
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Author:  Robot [ 11 Nov 2009, 08:35 ]
Post subject:  Maurice's Little Bastards/The Pantophobics - Rock 'N' Roll W


Artist: Maurice's Little Bastards/The Pantophobics
Album: Rock 'N' Roll Will Never Diet Soda
Release: 2001
Label: Mocheeks Revolutions


1. Maurice's Little Bastards - Coca Cola Democracy
2. Maurice's Little Bastards - Neanderthal Man
3. Maurice's Little Bastards - Neon Brigade
4. Maurice's Little Bastards - Plan B
5. Maurice's Little Bastards - Struck Out
6. Maurice's Little Bastards - Animal Eyes
7. Maurice's Little Bastards - Ridin' On Out
8. Maurice's Little Bastards - On My Own/BIHC BABY
9. The Pantophobics - Mario
10. The Pantophobics - Bad Otis
11. The Pantophobics - Mex. Song
12. The Pantophobics - Dead Man
13. The Pantophobics - Social Squirrel
14. The Pantophobics - Alter Ego
15. The Pantophobics - Atlas

At the time of Rock 'N' Roll Will Never Diet Soda's release, I was twelve years old and knew approximately nothing about music. Instead of investigating the local scene, I was content to listen to mainstream rock radio, where crap like Korn were all the rage. I first heard about the Pantophobics from Justin Morgan, their drummer, who was an upperclassman at my middle school/high school. One hell of a funny guy, and one hell of a drummer; his bandmates Zach Lewis (guitar/vocals and also bass with Maurice's Little Bastards) and Ed Morales (bass/oi oi ois) were no slouches in performing the band's lackadaisical, unpretentious (!) indie rock, but even on the split's shoestring recording quality one thing is remarkably clear: Justin is fuckin'slamming the skins.

I first heard Maurice's Little Bastards when Justin popped their debut CD Greatest Hits into the computer next to mine in the school library one afternoon and told me that I "hadn't heard punk until you hear these guys." Seeing as how my closest experience to punk at that point was Green Day, he was right on. MLB open this album with what sounds like both bands emulating idle crowd chatter, puncuated by singer Justin Maurer intoning, "Welcome to Winslow, Baaaaainbridge Islannnd." From there, it's nine songs of off-the-wall, lo-fi hardcore punk that sounds a whole lot like the Germs only with thumpy cardboard drums and lyrics about "[finding] a safe haven from my teenage anguish and hormonal induced deception" ("Ridin' On Out") and "endless proliferation of selfish materialism" ("Neon Brigade"). I really wish I'd been able to stay long enough at the Teen Center to see them play the record release during one spring Friday night, but my parents insisted on picking me up in time for dinner...MLB were known for their wild performances, and for Justin getting naked mid-song and remaining so for the duration of the set. As it was, I only caught the Pantophobics. Shucks.

This album is quite clearly a work of friends having a blast together in the crummy studios they cut the songs in–– the bands' musical styles are quite disparate, to say the least. But this is one of those records that, for the better, sounds a lot like high school. Enjoy.



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