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Mylo - Destroy Rock & Roll
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Author:  Robot [ 11 Nov 2009, 08:35 ]
Post subject:  Mylo - Destroy Rock & Roll


Artist: Mylo
Album: Destroy Rock & Roll
Release: 2004
Label: Breastfed Recordings


1. Valley Of The Dolls
2. Sunworshipper
3. Muscle Cars
4. Drop The Pressure
5. In My Arms
6. Guilty Of Love
7. Paris Four Hundred
8. Destroy Rock & Roll
9. Rikki
10. Otto's Journey
11. Musclecar Reform Reprise
12. Zenophile
13. Need You Tonite
14. Emotion 98.6

Check it! I’m going to piss off Google by uping this popular business, but hopefully not enough to destroy the blag. Destroy Rock & Roll is one of the danciest/accessible electronic albums of the decade and, as a result, is played on MTV and is considered “mainstream” electronic. Mylo, or Myles MacInnes, is originally from Scotland, but has lived in Los Angeles for a bit, pursuing a Philosophy PhD at UCLA. This guy kind of reminds me of Haddaway
only in the sense that he was going to be a productive member of society and have a steady job, but decides to radically change his life and make a living doing something crazy, like spinning! I feel like you either have to be confused about your future or find out there’s whey in philosophy textbooks...

Prepare yourself for repetitive beats. Still, you are supposed to dance to it. Also, the tracks are filled with barrels and barrels of baked beans. DUDE I LOVE FUCKING BAKED BEANS! The only track I don’t really like is “Destroy Rock & Roll” because of the weird sample of this guy reciting names of popular musicians over and over again. Yeah, he likes to loop vocal samples and non-singing clips over the beats. It doesn’t work very well in “Destroy Rock & Roll” and “Sunworshipper”. ENDLESS BLOCKADES FOR THESE TWO SONGS! I mean, “Sunworshipper” is OK, but the sample is kind of annoying. Though, it might not be noticed if you’re rocking out and dancing in knee socks and booty shorts. I love “Emotion 98.6” and “In My Arms”. The vid for
“In My Arms” isn’t bad either. At first, you’re like “DOOD, WHAT THE FUCK, HE’S CHEATING ON HER”, but after a second viewing I caught the loop in the end. You will see…


-Johnny B

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