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The Cancer Kids - The Possible Dream
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Author:  Robot [ 11 Nov 2009, 08:36 ]
Post subject:  The Cancer Kids - The Possible Dream


Artist: The Cancer Kids

Album: The Possible Dream
Year: 2006
Clean Plate/Youth Attack


1. Let's Get Blacklisted
3. Boston Blow
4. Fuck It
5. 9021 Oi!
6. XY Zoo
7. Enough Already
8. T.I.E. It Down
9. Q & A
10. Dead F'n Air
11. The Possible Dream
12. Let's Get Excited
13. D.I.W.H.Y.
14. The Real Thing
15. Punks With Dogs
16. Escape Velocity
17. | Cancer + Kids | = (___)
18. Astonishing! Spectacular! Exhilarating!

Mother fuckers need to know! I know that Fashionable Activism already did a review of this record, but the fact that it is still widely available with a lifetime press of 700 is flabbergasting to me. When The Possible Dream was released sometime during the winter of 06/07--I can't remember because time to me is determined by the academic calendar--it was an enormous breath of fresh air (pardon the cliché). The Cancer Kids are, for lack of a more explicit adjectival noun, a fast hardcore band. Swirled together here are thrash and 80s hardcore sounding riffs played at grind speed, including the catchiest mid-tempo breakdown parts you have ever heard, lined up with the most savvy, and laissez-faire lyrical playfulness you may ever know. The Cancer Kids are more self-aware than any punk band out there. Despite their departure from the world of hardcore this record should be owned by all. These are words of wisdom for years of punk to come, unto the Ages of Ages, amen. Two shows at the Florence VFW and 538 and never to be seen again.

"Live for you, not for them. F-U-C-K-I-S-M."


[Link fixed. Full album is now included!]
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