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Rich Kids On L.S.D. Rock And Roll Nightmare 1987
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Author:  metal [ 05 Dec 2009, 03:33 ]
Post subject:  Rich Kids On L.S.D. Rock And Roll Nightmare 1987


First of all, if you have never heard of this band, shame on you! R.K.L. staggered out of California in the early 80's with a string of e.p.'s before releasing their debut full length "Keep Laughing". "Rock and Roll Nightmare" took their brand of Humerous Rockin Punk to a whole new level. Sadly, singer Jason and drummer Bomber have both passed away recently, so drop a tab, crack a brew, and turn it up in their honor. Highly Essential listening...........
Scab On My Brain
02. Hangover
03. Meltdown
04. Catch Your Breath
05. Seein' You
06. Lay Your Weapons Down
07. Coming Home
08. Sargasm
09. Break The Camels Back
10. Blocked Out
11. Tribute To The Jester
12. Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare
13. Alone Inside
14. One Light, One Mind
15. Find A Way


Source / Link : http://screwdeathcore.blogspot.com/2008/02/rich-kids-on-lsd-rock-and-roll.html

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