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[Anti-Bot] What continent is United States located on ?

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 Native Americans. 
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Joined: 03 Feb 2011, 10:28
Posts: 192
Post  Re: Native Americans.
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I don't have time for this, but emotionality can sometimes drive a man mad if ignored.

The Native Americans(both of that time and this) were gift-giving people... it it traditional to give gifts to anyone you visit to show your appreciation. That aside, I'm not even saying that they accepted guns, etc. for free. Fur trading, bro.

Now on to your firearm argument. You're arguing that the natives traded all of their land for firearms... so that they could protect their land? I'm not going to argue with this because if I need to it isn't worth it.

The idea of a 'swindle' is that one party isn't aware of it, isn't it? Odd that you chose that word, seems like you know the truth.

I have said that the majority of the Natives wanted to live together with the Europeans. They encouraged their settlements, they did not, however, encourage the stealing of their entire country. How does the fact that the Natives wanted to live in peace with the Europeans serve as an excuse for near genocide and country-sized theft? I've never said that Europeans shouldn't be here... I've only said that they shouldn't be pretending this is entirely their land. Land belongs to no man, this fact, however, does not justify stealing a man's home, obviously...

Lol, fuck your communism argument is retarded... I should support capitalists raping the world because I'm a communist? No, I should support all men living side-by-side with no 'reservations' or any other racist institutions, and I do. Again, I don't disagree with Europeans moving to North America, I disagree with their having claimed it and raping the previous denizens.

Don't try to make me sound racist, you ignorant fuck. My dad, as well as the girl I love are both white. I've been raised without such silly differentiations in my mind. Some people behaved horribly, not because of their skin colour, but because of their inherent human greed, and their willingness to submit to authority.

If you'll read my post you should be able to realize that I was talking about the majority of natives not attacking first. The European attacks were done and supported by a majority, commanded by the ruling class, the Native American attacks were done by the minority. If you believe that the majority of natives attacked the Europeans first, this must mean that they didn't want them there... so how does this fit in with the rest of your argument?

Susquehannocks. Living in complete peace with Europeans, murdered to a child for being brown-skinned. I have not denied that awful things were done by both sides, but you seem to be trying to say the native americans were more brutal in their attacks. Benjamin Franklin convinced the Paxton boys not to march on philadelphia(after already having killed the peaceful susquehannocks, ofcourse) by promising to pay a bounty for native scalps.

The native Americans had not a single chance of being genocidal, I have no idea what you're talking about. Some of them hated white people, yes... I'm not arguing that natives aren't/weren't human. I'm saying they didn't gather their forces and try to steal Europe...

I didn't say the Europeans intentionally brought smallpox... I said that they brought it, and the natives knew they brought it, thus, a portion of their hate.

"Blaming the people who provided the goods that they were begged to provide shows you are a truly disgusting individual with no integrity."

So... drug dealers who give heroin to people who have no idea about addiction/negative affects should not be blamed. Right-o. No one begs for anything until they are given a tester... The dealer always knows what he is doing, the case is the same with the Europeans.

People are not foods, you moron. I was not ignorant of those examples, I'm just not stupid enough to think that has anything to do with this argument.

I'm not really insulted by it, I just think it makes you look like a fucking idiot. Indians are already a group of people, naming another quite different group of people the exact same thing is stupid, the whole point of language is to give different names to different things so that you can converse colloquially. I agree that you are native american, which is why I said even that is ignorant, but not as ignorant as calling my people 'indians'. I'm Ojibwe.

Crasshole was correct, your reply is both four days later and in many cases quite illogical.

"Liberty,as we all know,cannot flourish in a country that is permanently on a war footing, or even a near war footing.Permanent crisis justifies permanent control of everybody and everything by the agencies of central government."

Aldous Huxley

28 Jul 2011, 17:15
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Joined: 10 Jul 2011, 14:59
Posts: 166
Post  Re: Native Americans.

SGTKPF wrote:

a.) My most recent post came 21 hours after the previous post. Unless, you're a denizen of the time cube, this is certainly not 4 days.
b.) Care to explain exactly how my "logic" is "fucking bullshit"? I suspect you don't since you have the intellect of a newborn. Firstly, I suspect that you, being the piece of brain dead lawn furniture that you are are citing my refutations of ripvil's claims as "logic." This is because you are stupid. My posits were, by and large, what are known as "facts." Another example of a fact would be "The punksandskins poster known as crasshole should be placed on a ventilator, as he is too stupid to breathe on his own." That being said, even on the occasions where I did apply logic, you failed to explain how it was "fucking bullshit." This is clearly due to the fact that you are unable to, just like any other vegatable.
c.) I would strongly suggest a change of your handle from "crasshole" to "cretard," as it fits you much, much better.

You can be quite the InterWebz douche can't you? -.-

28 Jul 2011, 20:15
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