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 This is what feminism sounds like! 02 - riot girl berlin 
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Post  This is what feminism sounds like! 02 - riot girl berlin
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PLAYLIST: (par ordre alphabétique)

Abstract Random-Playdead

Adjkfs-The Ride to Earth

Adrift Da Belle-More

All or Nothing H.C.-Racist, Classist, Anti-Gay Bullshit

Anti-Corpos-Brincando De Lgualdade

Badkat-Sticks and Stones

Bam! Bam!-Golden Haze Two

Bertha Lutz-Feminism? Yes, please

Bonnie MacAllister-Fighting the Creep

Cat Venom-Old Meat

Crash Paris-Take You Down

Dance On Your Grave-Paper Guns

Dead by Pregnancy-Got Killed

Dear Darling, Hello-One Less Promise

Decibelles-The End Of A Reign

Dirty-Call 034

Eat The Daisies-Saturday Nite


Echo Beach-Rock n Roll Fantasy (Pink Mountaintops cover)

Esper Scout-Shed Some Light


Finn Moustache-Wer Sich Umdrehte

Fourth Wave-Boner!


Hearts Under Fire-We've Come Too Far To Live In The Past

Hello Killu-Wat Zoek Je

Hilary Allen-How Are You All Doing This Evening

Hooker-I Almost Miss You

Husbands 'N' Knives-Babalon

Isy Rebel Boy MJ-Black Poison

Jeliza Rose-Flip Flop

Jolly Goods-If I Were A Woman

Kitty Kawaii-Summertime

La Chatte, Amizade!-Fasterharder

Las Gusanas-Let You Go!

Lena Stoehrfaktor-Kategorie Ich

Lilidollrage-Horror Song

Lost Luna-Pink Bloc

Mary Ocher-The Sound Of War

Maybecyborgs-Are You Tired? Me Too

Mrs. Howl-Yellow Lamp

Muddy River-Bad Words

Nicky Click-Pop Diva

Norah Noizzze and Band-Winterdepression

Notic Nastic-Illuminati Bitch

P Naga-My Angel

Pollyanna-Boy (Book Of Love)

Pom Pom-Your Little Flower

Pure Magical Love-Shapeshifter

Pussy Riot-Putin Has Pissed Himself

Räuberhöhle-My Heart Bleeps Noisy Beeps (Kirmes Remix)

Samantha Schindler-Tight Ass (Theres no such Thing as Chivalry)

Scragfight-Holloway Holiday

Sellofan-I want it now

She Said Destroy-Polaroid Me

Shirley Holmes-Ride On Me

Siete Armas-The Silence

Slutty Hearts-Helicopter

Spat-Robot (Demo)

Stereowoolf-When I was a Baby Feminist

Ten Tigers-Superlucky

Terminal Parade-The Castle of Disco Hell

The Dethkats-Bunny Bunny

The Happening-Gunshow

The Horny Bitches-Necro Maniac

The Potential Lunatics-Kool Boyz

The Ragnoutaz-Boycheerleader

The Shondes-Give Me What You've Got

The White Noise Supremacists-Big Strong White Man

Tic-Tac-Oh-Look Inside

Violent Vickie-Come Run

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Published on 2014-3-19 8:15pm GMT

Source / Link : http://www.pirate-punk.net/message.php?t=49321

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20 Mar 2014, 02:21
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