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Five Themes for Poets (and Other Text-Loving Bloggers)
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Author:  New_Uploads [ 26 Feb 2015, 05:39 ]
Post subject:  Five Themes for Poets (and Other Text-Loving Bloggers)

Over at The Daily Post, our
[URL=https://dailypost.wordpress.com/courses/writing-201-poetry/]first poetry-focused Blogging U. course, Writing 201: Poetry[/URL], has just entered its second week. It#8217;s been a blast, with hundreds of poets sharing their work, experimenting with new forms, and commenting on their peers#8217; poems.

After working hard on polishing their elegies, haiku, and ballads, most writers want to make sure their readers can enjoy their work to the fullest. This is where choosing the right theme can play an important role (this is true for non-poets too, of course): you want your posts to be readable, clean, and inviting. Here are some options to consider (as well as a few community favorites).


This might sound like an unorthodox choice, given [URL=https://theme.wordpress.com/themes/illustratr/]Illustratr[/URL]
#8216;s natural appeal to visual artists of all types. But its typography, post title styling, and overall crispness makes Illustratr as poem-friendly as it gets. Add a
[URL=https://en.support.wordpress.com/featured-images/]featured image[/URL], and you can balance the spare look with a bold dash of color.

Illustratr#8216;s relative, [URL=https://theme.wordpress.com/themes/writr/]Writr[/URL], is also a favorite theme among the poetry crowd. #8220;The font size is quite big and this works well with poetry,#8221; says the blogger behind [URL=https://thishideousheart.wordpress.com/about-me/]This Hideous Heart[/URL].


For those who want to create a warm, inviting space without sacrificing readability, [URL=https://theme.wordpress.com/themes/sela/]Sela[/URL]
 #8212; a very recent addition to the
[URL=https://theme.wordpress.com/]Theme Showcase[/URL] #8212; is a theme worth exploring. Even if you use a number of widgets in your sidebar, the focus is squarely on your words.

Poetry curation site [URL=https://poemsaboutpoetry.wordpress.com]Ars Poetica[/URL] makes great use of Sela#8216;s airy look. [URL=https://poemsaboutpoetry.wordpress.com/bio/]Blogger Denise[/URL] chose it because it#8217;s #8220;easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye.#8221;


A bold, emphatic post title area coupled with a generous, full-width featured image prepare your reader for what#8217;s to come. [URL=https://theme.wordpress.com/themes/tonal/]Tonal[/URL]
#8216;s clear font and white background take care of the rest.

Many writers go for some of our other popular minimalist themes #8212; from old favorites like 
[URL=https://theme.wordpress.com/themes/manifest/]Manifest[/URL] and [URL=https://wordpress.com/themes/truly-minimal/]Truly Minimal[/URL] to recent additions like [URL=https://theme.wordpress.com/themes/penscratch/]Penscratch[/URL].


Created with photobloggers in mind, 
[URL=https://theme.wordpress.com/themes/cubic/]Cubic[/URL] is a theme that makes it clear you can paint pictures with your words, too. The gorgeous typography might convince your readers that they#8217;re reading a volume produced by a vintage letterpress, not a webpage.

Another versatile theme that#8217;s become a go-to for many poets is this year#8217;s [URL=http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2015/01/27/customizing-twenty-fifteen/]highly customizable[/URL] default theme, [URL=https://theme.wordpress.com/themes/twenty-fifteen]Twenty Fifteen[/URL]. It comes recommended by blogger-poets [URL=http://zenandpi.com/]Zen and Pi[/URL], [URL=https://mutafariqkhayalat.wordpress.com/]Mutafariq Khayalat[/URL], and [URL=https://kavitapanyam.wordpress.com]Kavita Panyam[/URL].


Taking minimalism to a pleasing new height, 
[URL=https://theme.wordpress.com/themes/cubic/]Minnow[/URL]#8216;s stark look directs your visitors#8217; eyes where you want them: your words. However, with a centrally-located [URL=https://en.support.wordpress.com/menus/social-links-menu/]social links menu[/URL], the theme also keeps you connected to the world outside your poetry.

To see Minnow in action, head to poetry-heavy blog [URL=https://jasonpreu.wordpress.com/]Devious Bloggery[/URL], where poems of various styles and lengths are equally easy to read and savor.

Looking for more ideas for reader- and writer-friendly themes? [URL=https://en.blog.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/writing-reading-themes/]Here are few more ideas[/URL].

Poets, wordsmiths, and minimalists of all stripes: what theme do you use for a clutter-free reading experience? Share your favorites in the comments.

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