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The Time Flys - 'Fly'
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Author:  ska [ 15 Nov 2009, 08:36 ]
Post subject:  The Time Flys - 'Fly'


The Time Flys - 'Fly'
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included
1. Smokin' Dope 2. Jailbait 3. Dirt (My Best Friend) 4. Heavier 5. 1900's 6. 21st Century Ape Man 7. Theme 8. In My Skool 9. Offin' The Chief 10. Anti-Depresants 11. Teenage Tears 12. Teenage Is The Stoneage
Bands working in the "balls out" area of modern day r 'n' r by and large have trouble avoiding the twin pitfalls of being (a) too white-belt or (b) too by-the-numbers garage. Oakland, California punk group The Time Flys navigate the situation by going way weird, not in any really obvious way, just so that each song on their Fly album resonates with something slightly off-kilter. Plenty of '77 buzz-saw guitar and glam moves are employed, but they're rendered in a context that could be seen as truly psychedelic.

Source: http://ratb0y69.blogspot.com/2009/04/time-flys-fly.html

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